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Did you know... Auto Gates North West are fully endorsed by BFT and FAAC

Quality and Safety

Auto Gates North West provide the highest levels of quality and safety

At Auto Gates North West, we are endorsed by many major worldwide manufacturers such as BFT and FAAC.

This enables us to offer quality automated products to our clients at competitive rates.

Here at Autogatesnorthwest also offer comprehensive guarantees on all bespoke products we manufacture ourselves. Our experience has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the access needs of our diverse client base and we are able to provide outstanding technical expertise and the best service possible.

We are here to help:

  • To choose the correct product and design, at the best price, for an effective access solution
  • To decide on the best options for you with regard to service, installation and maintenance of all types of new and existing gates and barriers
  • To embrace a pro-active approach to your project and work together with your other sub-contractors to ensure a seamless integration to complete the job
  • To provide a 24 hour breakdown service and an appropriate maintenance package

Safety is paramount

Automated gates can be dangerous and we take the safety of these machines very seriously.

All our electric gates are installed to the highest standard and have force and sensitivity controls fitted. We also insist on additional safety features such as emergency stop buttons.

It is essential that electric gates are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure their continued safe operation. Even if we did not supply your gates and operating equipment, we offer safety checks, service and maintenance packages on any installation.


Compliance with current legislation

In June 2010, the tragic deaths of 2 young children in separate incidents less than 1 week apart served to highlight the safety issues facing the UK gate automation industry. The Health and Safety Executive’s response was swift and certain directives were issued to the industry.

By law, all automatic gate safety systems must be installed in compliance with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and supporting standards as highlighted by recent safety advisories from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE will be responsible for any investigations and enforcement which are carried out on gates where incidents have occurred and can prosecute installers or manufacturers accordingly. All manufacturers and installers of automatic gates and automatic safety systems are required to take all necessary steps to ensure that their products are safe and meet the Machinery Directive Standards.

To help manufacturers and installers to meet the requirements for directive compliance, a harmonised product standard for gates was produced in 2003.

This outlined that if a company complies with the standard BS-EN13241-1:2003, there is a legal presumption that it complies with the directive itself. This standard is in turn supported by a group of supporting standards which contain requirements for various aspects of gate design, function, and performance.

Safety is the highest priority at Auto Gates North West and we continually and aggressively make sure that we comply with all legislation and standards and that our customers are kept informed accordingly.

We also ensure that all our site operatives are appropriately trained and provided with the professional skills to ensure a safe environment and to maintain our excellent safety record.

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