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AES GSM-5ABK Architectural model vandal resistant
GSM intercom kit with keypad.

Once pressed, the entrance panel makes up to 4 GSM phone calls to mobiles or landline
numbers. The user can then open the main gates or pedestrian gate by pressing the number on
the phone keypad App.
All features of the intercom can be set up and controlled using the innovative ‘Cellcom Prime’
App including setting temporary codes, time-controlled codes and deleting codes on the
illuminated keypad.
• GSM intercom for unlimited range access control
• Day and time controlled out of hours number calling
• Can be configured to block nuisance calls at night
• Remotely programmable access control keypad with capacity for 200 permanent
codes and 20-time restricted codes and 30 temporary codes
• Caller ID feature for 100 numbers for controlling access to the property
• Stainless steel finish with black acrylic trim
• Weather rated to IP65

£662.69 + VAT Fully Fitted


AES Wi-Fi Predator Colour Video Intercom with Keypad
Calls Mobile & Tablet using Wi-Fi or your data connection




• Night vision infrared camera
• Long range Wi-Fi antenna included
• Compatible with Android and Apple
• Power adaptor is included in the kit
• Device makes calls to Apple or Android phones or tablets
• Stylish Intercom panel with neon blue night-time illumination
So simple to set up…just connect the intercom directly to your home hub or router using your passcode
then download the Predator application on your phone or tablet and you’re ready to go.


• With this device you can receive video calls from your gate anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi or
your data connection on your mobile.
• The control unit will call up to 4 devices simultaneously, to ensure you don’t miss a call. Using
video calling to smartphones and tablets so that you can see who you are talking to as well as
activate the gate by pressing the lock button on your device.
• This intercom system can store up to 100 caller I.Ds. Once user I. D’s are associated you can ‘dial
to open’ your gates by simply phoning them.
• All 4 app users can use the app to trigger the gates simply by opening the app and pressing the
lock button on their device.
• This control panel has the extra benefit of a code-lock keypad meaning that you can issue
numerical codes to friends and family to grant them access to your property without needing to
disturb you.

• The directional antenna provided with this kit has a range of up to 150m which is ample for most
driveways but if you need that extending, most standard outdoor repeaters will work to increase
the range if required.
• This device works with both Android and Apple platforms using 3G or 4G connectivity. It is such a
versatile system; you can even use it on your tablets.

• The stunning surface mounted speech panel has a gloss black toughened acrylic front and
brushed stainless steel trims which combined with the neon blue night-time illumination make
this one of the most sophisticated looking access control options on the market.
The Tab-10 Colour monitor is an addition that complements the AES Predator Wi-Fi

Price: £1,126.25 + VAT Fully Fitted


Budget Range

Daitem SC901AU
This wireless audio kit is perfectly suitable for a single or double operational
use with a gate entrance. It is also simple to install as no cabling is required
between the entry panel and the handset.
The controller included in this kit houses the radio transmission control board
which also has a built-in antenna. It supplies power to the entry panel as well
as allows the connection of additional devices which can be controlled via the
wireless handset namely the gate maglocks and traffic barrier.
The surface mount panel has a built-in proximity reader and a keypad which
allows you to enter the premises by using the fob or a user code, which then
activates the gate lock release or barrier. The panel is also supplied with a
vandal resistant face plate which protects it from bad weather conditions.
Also included in this kit is the portable wireless handset which allows the user
to communicate and control the access of their visitors, with the option to
activate the gate release or barrier open command.
This kit has a working range of up to 400 metres, but this is dependent on
obstacles between the handset and controller that can cause interference.
Built-in proximity reader and keypad
Up to 400 metres range in open field conditions
Secure audio transmission.

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