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Did you know... Swing/Hinged Gates come in a number of shape options

Corporate Swing Hinged Gates

Swing/Hinged gates

The Security Hinged Gates, or Security Swing Gates as they are also known and designed to provide a high degree of security within a fence line where the run back required for a sliding gate installation is not available.

Hinged and Swing gates are available in automatic and manual models, in a wide range of styles to compliment both contemporary and traditional architectural designs.

They can also be custom-designed to match a company’s specific requirements.
Swing Gate Automation

Underground Operators

Underground operators as the names suggest is mounted discreetly beneath ground level, making it almost unnoticeable.

Above Ground Operators

Above ground, operators are fixed above ground to the back of the gates.
Which Operators Should Be Used?

The type used varies depending upon the size of the gates, the opening angles required, the aesthetics, and if the gates are existing, the way in which there hung.

Although most reputable companies can provide you with attractive looking gates, as a result of this many do not have the experience or skills to automate them.

On many occasions, problems created from the outset by the use of low-cost automation equipment, by choosing the wrong operator for the job and by fitting the equipment.

Autogates Northwest provides a complete service including:

  • Swing/Hinged Gate Design
  • Swing/Hinged Gate Manufacture
  • Swing/Hinged Gate Installation
  • Swing/Hinged Gate Maintenance
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