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Did you know... Bi-folding Speed Gates are ideal where space is at a premium

Corporate Bi-folding Gates

Bi-Folding Gates

Do you require a gate that is convenient in terms of functionality and doesn’t take up too much space? In that case, you may find that a bi-folding gate suits your needs perfectly.

What are bi-folding gates?

These gates have folding back sections, known as panels. The Latin prefix bi- means two, therefore bi-folding gates are gates that have two folding back sections (or panels). Bi-folds come in a variety of sizes and materials. What’s more, they can also be used both internally or externally.

When do you need a bi-folding gate?

If you have space without the capacity to fit a standard gate, then you should definitely consider looking into bi-folding alternatives. In particular, if your drive is on an incline, then a standard swing gate would bottom out – either scraping at points or having an ugly gap. These gates, however, are a great alternative to swing gates as they only take up a quarter of that space – thereby solving the problem.

In the event that your gate needs to fold only to one side, we can install a customised gate that uses only two leaves that fold in one direction, giving you maximum vehicular access.

For extra convenience, you can choose automated gates – which eliminate the need to open your gate manually and save you both time and effort. Automatic driveway gates, in particular, are a popular option among people looking for a convenient and effective solution to protecting their property.


The benefits of bi-folding gates

We have already covered some of the bonuses of these gates, but the three biggest are:

Vehicular access improvements

Quick operation

Take up minimal space

Quick operation

Autogates North West provide a complete service including:

  • Bi-folding Speed Gate Design
  • Bi-folding Speed Gate Manufacture
  • Bi-folding Speed Gate Installation
  • Bi-folding Speed Gate Maintenance


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