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Good afternoon,

I hope you and your colleagues are all well.

As everyone will be aware we are currently working through a highly unusual and unpredictable time with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic but we wanted to take a moment to reassure all of our customers that we will be striving to keep everything as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible here at Commsec Ltd.

Commsec will be putting in place a range of new measures to protect our employees as well as our suppliers and customers employees and ensure our workplace is as safe as possible during this period, the measures taken are as follows;

· All non-essential meetings at our office will be cancelled with immediate effect for an initial period of 2 weeks and alternative methods can and will be used instead. (Conference calls, email and video calls are all acceptable and will be arranged between the two parties)

· All delivery drivers are being asked not to enter our works and to maintain a safe distance from our staff.

· Groundworkers on site will remain as isolated as possible from members of staff on site and members of the public.

• Any Site Induction will/should be carried out outside in the open air if possible.

• Groundworkers requesting the use of onsite toilet facilities will use these facilities one at a time and remain a 2M safe distance from site staff.

• Groundworkers will make no effort to engage site staff unless in the event of an emergency after booking on site.

• Groundworkers will take rest breaks and lunch breaks in isolation in their vehicles and not use the customers café facilities.

· Door handles, office equipment and machinery throughout the works are being daily

cleaned with disinfectant and antibacterial wipes at regular intervals.

· Staff are staggering breaks and lunch times to avoid unnecessary contact and maintain a social distance.

· We have asked all non-essential production staff to work from home.

· Thorough washing of hands is being enforced.

Please do not hesitate to call our dedicated team on 0161 273 8835 who will, as usual, be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. Please note that any sales enquires can also be picked up by the team on

Any essential visits to site by any of our employees will be subject to stringent processes until further notice, any self-isolation taking place we will re arrange at a more convenient time once we are informed that the government guideline have been followed on self-isolation time limits. Surveyors and installation teams carrying out works at our customers’ premises will now attend site wearing professional ‘face-fit’ masks and protective gloves, they will be required to cordon off an area agreed with the contact on site to restrict public access to the area where required and all units fitted will be cleaned thoroughly once the installation is complete using alcohol wipes to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are achieved at all stages. Please be assured we will be planning all installations as normal and we are not at this stage expecting any delays, of course, there may be some unavoidable delays in the coming weeks/months as a result of supply chain issues but we are hopeful this is not the case. If we do experience issues, then as always our internal support team.

0161 273 8835

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